Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disadvantages of illiteracy

Illiteracy is a curse for any nation or country. It has no advantage as all. Its disadvantages are many. The first great disadvantage of illiteracy is that uneducated people cannot gain any knowledge through books, magazines or newspapers. They cannot read and write letters. This means that they are at a great disadvantage when compared with educated people. Educated people can easily learn all they like from books and writings or lecturer and discussion. Thus educated people are able and wiser. The second great disadvantage of illiteracy is that illierate people cannot know well about their rights and duties in society. They cannot easily understand the laws of country, the policies of the government and programmes of different political parties. It has been well said that illiterate people do not know how to use democratic rights. They cannot wisely elect their representative in general elections. They can easily be misled by false political promises. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of illiteracy for uneducated people is that they cannot make much progress. They cannot get good jobs in government. They cannot join the armed force. They cannot very well run shops or take part in trade or industury. Illiterate villages cannot easily learn the ways of advanced or modern farming. They go on using the old out dated methods of cultivating the fields, sowing and reaping the crops. Thus they cannot increase food production so much. They remain poor and backward. They can really progress by getting educated. The country or nation as a whole cannot make proper and quick progress if the majority of its people are illiterate or uneducated. Only educated people can work efficiently in different fields of life. Only properly educated people can promote the agriculture, trade and industry of the country in a suitable way. Scientists, engineers, doctors, scholars, philosophers, writhers, poets and artists arise out of educated and literate people. Illiterate people can at the most work with their hands or do manual labour.They cannot so well make use of their minds or intelligence. We should make the efforts to educated the illiterate people. The government and educated people should work together in this direction. BEST OF LUCK

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